"Enlighten me; move from within me like a song"


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"Woodpecker is letting you know that it is time to be observant and pay careful attention to what is around you, because opportunity has come knocking.  Great changes are happening in your life and it is up to you to seize the moment.  It may be the renewal of an old project, the finishing of a new project, or simply a serendipitous meeting with someone in your life. Whatever way you perceive it, know that the door is wide open for you right now and that success is yours for the asking."

Dreams of woodpecker indicate that it is time for you to take special notice in your waking life.  There is something that you have overlooked, and it may be the answer you seek. 

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Only now do I realize what she was trying to tell me, that love was never a regret.  I wish I could thank her for speaking to me so earnestly, for I've carried her words with me from that moment onward.  I'd let love take me like the tide and carry me away, and I would no longer fight it.

capture by trina bean
i love you, you always find me when i need you most. my forever day.


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" today i heard laughing flowers... the closer i approached them, the louder their whispers grew.


i recalled what i read much earlier & tried so much to stay in the moment;


i waver softly, desperately...  i have miles to go before i sleep.

miles to go


and i wonder


what could be more beautiful or more pure than you? "


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"all she asks is the strength to hold me"


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Seeing the hanged man represents change, but usually an alteration in mental attitude rather than physical circumstances.  There are two main meanings:  The reader may be in some type of limbo-- you may have to bide your time while one chapter of your life comes to an end before another one begins afresh.  Regardless, you should be patient despite your anxieties, because this time will best be utilized for careful reflection.  There are valuable lessons to be learned.   

The second meaning is to look at life from a different perspective, this often involves viewing from a more spiritual angle and placing less value on things material.  Follow your heart under all circumstances.

Dreams of the hanged man may link to impending change (disguised as death-- the end of something).  Personal sacrifice; the death of one part of self so that further growth and change can occur; surrender.  The pains and struggles when realizing this truth.  

Symbolized also by crucifixion (a sense of self-sacrifice in the maturing process)...  You are surrendering and sacrificing your physical and ego needs for what you sense is a more spiritual and essential you.  

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