2017/01/08 (Epiphany Sunday)

(This photo was captured a year ago this time of late winter, when the floral scent here is so heavily laden in the air, it permeates your dreams.)

I'm a bit delayed for this, a week or so, but I must say thank you to the universe and to the powers that be, for this otherworldly experience. It is approaching the two year anniversary since I arrived to the west coast for the first time, to begin this new phase of my life and follow my dreams.

The reason I pen this now, after much deliberation, is because this is a year of great change (for all of us); I can feel it in my bones. Now more than ever, it is an integral time to consider what to carry with us to the future for the purposes of growth and expansion... and what no longer serves us, what is best left behind for the past to swallow.

That being said, I am going to be progressing forward in a novel way from times of previous, to pursue endeavors more on path with my true calling. This work will involve the further leaving of my old ways of thinking, former life, and former self behind. Although saying goodbye is always bittersweet (for it was once a part of me)... I am more so looking forward to becoming the change we wish to see in the world around us.

I am not afraid of what the future holds. And in fact, the longer I wait in this interval of anticipation, all the more the hunger for transformation rises within me. And so deeply my longing for it stirs that I become something else entirely.

Thank you Brian for the unconditional love and support on this crazy journey. I couldn't have done this with anyone else. I look forward to the magic we will experience together in the coming year. Thank you for inspiring me everyday to be the best version of myself I can be.

Here's to a better world for all of us. Happy New Year.

(à bientôt)