Blackbird Pie.

Dreaming of blackbirds symbolize "death" (an ending)-- or something significant in one's life that is in the process of coming to an end.  It could be some aspect of self is dying while another is being born.  Also could mean something we are unaware of but is just on the verge of coming into consciousness.  

Birds that are hatching from eggs symbolize our birth and infancy, or rebirth.  Something new and uplifting coming into life, or coming to life within us.  The nest symbolizes security; the womb; maternal urges.

The number five represents change; uncertainty; the unknown.  The unity that arises from the aspects of the Self.  

A gift depicts an intuition; unconscious knowledge; or something valuable received in a relationship... Such as support, self-worth, acceptance.  Sometimes a dream reminds us of the gift of life, and shows us how we might relate to it.  Fertility and the coming of child (birth of something) is always a wonderful gift.