Masked Mermaid in Black by Salvador Dali, 1939


Dreams that take place underwater explore bringing into awareness what is unconscious...  Looking within yourself and exploring what goes on beneath the depths of your conscious self.  A hidden, secret growth or development that is occurring beyond the scope of your knowledge or understanding.  


Mermaids may symbolize love or the urge for intimacy arising from within.  The link between deep unconscious forces and the waking self.  The inner image or desire of womanhood or motherhood.  


Eggs may represent new life or the female ovum, respectively.  Purses may represent the female anatomy in this way.  Blood may also symbolize fertility.  Something wrapped in seaweed may show you something you hold dear, or could be something you are currently struggling with (an inner tangle of emotion or feeling).  A shark may symbolize the deepest unknown aspects of your subconscious, or alternatively, something you fear.  


(keep dreaming)